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Introduzione The province of Cuneo represents the most important reality in the regional panorama of agriculture. Important wines, significant cultivations, quality farming, excellent products with acknowledgements at community levels, characteristic cuisines, enchanting landscapes and resorts, all contribute to making a province of great farming and cultural traditions, attracting a high number of tourists. The tastes and knowledge of times gone by, handed down by the culture and traditions of this province, have led to the enormous success of the outstanding, in some cases unique food farming products, such as to recall by their name alone, the Province of Cuneo and its remarkable region. [continua: Abstract...]

Typical Products

ProdottiFarming of such importance, having evolved constantly, never losing touch with tradition, has produced a vast variety of good, genuine, unique products, ready to surprise and arouse the tastes of consumers. The following pages illustrate the various local products in order to give everyone the chance and curiosity to discover the treasure trove of wine and food to be found in this great region, not only in the shops and supermarkets, but also through research in the places of origin and production. [continua: Products...]

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the Big Province

Agricoltura The splendid landscape of the south - western arch of the Alps, dominated by the eye - catching and unmistakable mass of Mount Monviso, embraces a special island: the Province of Cuneo, always known as the "Provincia Granda" (the Big Province) thanks to the extent of its region. This region consists of a central part of plain, more appropriately a tableland of average altitude, ranging from 300 to 600 - 700 metres above sea level, snuggling up against the alpine chain to the west of the mountains and to the east the Langa and Roero hills, opening out north to the Po Valley. [continua: Introduction]

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