Typical Products



MurazzanoThe province of Cuneo represents the most important reality in the regional panorama of agriculture. Important wines, significant cultivations, quality farming, excellent products with acknowledgements at community levels, characteristic cuisines, enchanting landscapes and resorts, all contribute to making a province of great farming and cultural traditions, attracting a high number of tourists.

The tastes and knowledge of times gone by, handed down by the culture and traditions of this province, have led to the enormous success of the outstanding, in some cases unique food farming products, such as to recall by their name alone, the Province of Cuneo and its remarkable region.

In times when we are focusing more and more on health foods, being able to offer genuine and delineated products linked with the region represents a guarantee to satisfy the consumer's increasing demand for quality and wholesomeness.

Coltivazione di fragoleIt is up to everyone, particularly to the institutions in charge, to maintain and defend the qualities, traditions, and features passed on from one generation to another, making this legacy an essential factor of progress and economical development. The process of defence and increase in value of food farming products must be placed at the centre of a policy to promote the products of this region, and must sustain businesses and Consortiums in their aim, to which they dedicate their expertise and energy.

This portal of Local Products has been accomplished with the active collaboration of the various Associations for conservation and development, which are carrying out an admirable action of promotion and preservation of the various local and traditional food farming products present in the province of Cuneo . The Chamber of Commerce Industry Craftsmanship and Farming of Cuneo, which has always operated in this and other fields, has been of great help in this enterprise, actively supporting and stimulating the Associations to undertake the procedures for origin designation, together with the "Assessorato Agricoltura Regione Piemonte" (Piedmont Region Farming Department).